Download the MountFocus Keyboard Designer v. 2.11

The download is a fully operational, 30 day trial version. You can register the trial version at any point during the trial period, or later, by ordering a license. Note that both the Keyboard Designer and the Runtime Keyboard will stop functioning after the trial period.

Standard, zipped installation sets are available, but they are rather large. Therefore, we have also made Windows Installer files (.MSI) available for download. These files require that you have Windows Installer installed (if you have Windows 2000 or ME, or if you have done other installations that were using Windows Installer you already have this).

The Runtime Keyboard installation set (for deployment to other users) is no longer included in the Keyboard Designer installation. The Runtime Keyboard program is installed with the Keyboard Designer as before.

To upgrade from any previous version to version 2.11 of the Designer or Runtime, just download and install the complete version below.


Full install Keyboard Designer (6.30MB zipped)
Keyboard Designer package including the Runtime Keyboard (v. 2.11), examples and manual.
Alternative download file (3.88MB as MSI)


Runtime Keyboard (v. 2.11) installation set only (3.88MB zipped)
Alternative download file (1.59MB as MSI)

ActiveX Component

The file KBD.DLL is included in the MountFocus Keyboard Designer installation set. It is available here as a separate file in case you need it for deployment. (43.7KB zipped) Note: The KBD.DLL library contains no actual functionality, but presents a link to the Runtime Keyboard program as an ActiveX component. The only purpose of this library is to simplify the use of the OLE interface provided by the Runtime Keyboard. Now Web safe!


Download the manual (PDF format) for the Keyboard Designer and Runtime Keyboard (1.87MB zipped)

If you need an un-zip utility to extract the zip files from this site, we recommend:

WinZip Now
In order to read the manual, you will need Acrobat Reader. You can download it for free here:

Ready-made Keyboard Files

Ready - made keyboard files for use with the Runtime Keyboard are available below. Click on the file name to download. Keyboards are free, but you will need a single user license of the Runtime Keyboard software to run the keyboards for more than 30 days.

Standard US virtual keyboard optimized for 800 x 600

Standard UK virtual keyboard

US virtual keyboard optimized for 640 x 480

Calculator virtual keyboard

Dvorak virtual keyboard layout

Norwegian virtual keyboard provided by Bjrn-Andr Lie of LightWare ANS, Norway

German virtual keyboard layout by Gerhard Gutschmidt

Italian virtual keyboard

Russian (Cyrillic) virtual keyboard

Various European virtual keyboards (Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, German)

Version 2.x does not support Windows 95. If you are running Windows 95 and would like to download version 1.x, or you would like to download ready-made keyboards not included in version 2.x of the Designer, click here. If you are planning to run the version 1.x keyboards with version 2.x of the Runtime, we recommend that you open the files in version 2.x of the Designer, make any modifications necessary, and save the files again.

  • License information inaccessible to some users, has been addressed
  • Installer and uninstaller checks to verify that the logon feature is disabled
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
Click here for a full version history